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Are you trying to recover from chronic illness or simply hoping to increase your energy? Dr. Melanie’s book, The Grecian Garden, gives specific action steps to put you on a path to optimal health.

lifestyle changes that work  -
how to use herbs to build a natural medicine cabinet  -
nourishing foods to include in your diet  -
holistic exercises and effective therapies  -


Dr. Melanie speaks to groups of all kinds and sizes, delivering gentle and intelligent education on health, nutrition and holistic habits for people on every level.

Holistic Health Consultations

This service is for individuals who wish to have  a full biofeedback body scan, consultation, and  custom-designed protocol. It includes analysis of the test results to determine the root cause of the health issues.


Christian Counseling

I support assisting you in discovering your authentic identity, transitioning through difficult seasons, and how to have your emotional needs met in a healthy way. I can offer tools and guidance for developing emotional wholeness through any season of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Success in the healing process starts with asking the right questions and staying educated and informed along the way. Whether you’re trying to get in touch with Dr. Melanie, learning to navigate the world of holistic supplements, or trying to find out how much appointments cost, hopefully this section will help point you in the right direction

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

You can cancel the appointment by emailing doctormelaniejoy@gmail.com. I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel with less than 24 hours or the day of your appointment there will be a $25 fee.

How much do appointments cost?

The first visit may last 90 minutes and costs $250, plus any supplements you need. Supplements are recommendations only without obligation to purchase. Recheck appointments are $85-$145 for 30-40 minutes. In rare cases, additional time is needed which incurs an additional charge

Do you take insurance?
No, with the exception of FSA or HSA funds or Greensurance.
How long will it take me to get better?

This depends on how quickly you can integrate lifestyle changes and how long you’ve had symptoms. I put more emphasis on root causes than symptom management, I may need to work on one layer at a time as more problems are revealed. Some clients notice changes within a week of their first appointment.

What kind of supplements do you recommend?

Each client is on a different protocol. The primary modality to affect healthy changes is through the diet, but supplements speed up the process. This may include herbs, bioidentical hormones, homeopathics, probiotic foods, or nutraceuticals. I recommend professional grade supplements from the top companies in functional and natural medicine: Designs for Health, Standard Process, Seeking Health, Vital Nutrients, Klaire Labs, etc.

What is the best way to get in touch with Dr. Melanie?

The best way to have questions answered or for recomendations, please book an appoitnment,  I do not do emergencies. If you need emergency care seek the appropriate medical assistance.


About Dr Melanie

Dr. Melanie’s journey is a remarkable story from sickness to health. Her teen years were fraught with food allergies, a heart condition, and chronic low energy. Doctors, as wonderful and needed as they are, were unable to introduce her to the healthier promised lands she wanted and needed. Like most extraordinary people do, she had to find those lands herself.

Through self-education, formal research, and carefully calibrated lifestyle changes, Melanie’s biology began restoring and even optimizing. Her condition then became her calling. Undergirded by degrees in Education and Complementary Alternative Medicine, and most importantly, living personal proof, she began guiding others to inside-out health. Whether it be a total nutritional overhaul or minor tune-ups, Dr. Melanie is well-equipped to meet the need.

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