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Holistic Health Consultant

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Hi, I’m Melanie! Don’t leave one important piece out of your picture of health: YOU. Your body is speaking to you through symptoms every day. I can help you translate that message. 

My Story

Dr. Melanie’s journey is a remarkable story from sickness to health. Her teen years were fraught with food allergies, a heart condition, and chronic low energy. Doctors, as wonderful and needed as they are, were unable to introduce her to the healthier promised lands she wanted and needed. Like most extraordinary people do, she had to find those lands herself.

Through self-education, formal research, and carefully calibrated lifestyle changes, Melanie’s biology began restoring and even optimizing. Her condition then became her calling. Undergirded by degrees in Complementary Alternative Medicine,  Clinical Christian Counseling, and most importantly, living personal proof, she began guiding others to inside-out health. Whether it be a total nutritional overhaul or minor tune-ups, Dr. Melanie is well-equipped to meet the need. 


B.S. Secondary Education (2006)

M.S. Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (2012)

M.S. Nutrition (June 2022)

Ph.D. Clinical Christian Counseling (2019)


Nutrition Response Testing practitioner (2012)

Board-certified Holistic Health Specialist (2012)

Bioset Practitioner (2012)

Integrative Functional Medical Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (2015)

Genomix Practitioner (2016)

Holistic Mineral Balancing Practitioner (2016)

 Clinical Christian Counselor (2019)

Somatic Experiencing (2022)

 Certfied Nutrition Speialist (CNS) Candidate (2022)

My Values & Beliefs

A Holistic Approach to Health and Healing

I value a holistic approach to health and healing that considers the whole person, spirit, soul, and body. This is why I rely heavily on educational services that bring awareness to spiritual and soul issues that affect the body’s healing process. 

Identifying the Root Problem

I value getting to the root of the problem instead of managing symptoms. I work to identify root causes of disease so an effective personalized health improvement program can be implemented. 

Real Food. Real Supplements

I value whole foods (real food, designed by nature) and whole food supplements as an effective way to meet the nutritional needs of the body and help it repair itself. 

Are You Living a Nourished Life?

I love the word “nourish.” It has an emotional and energizing life to it beyond simply being practical. It involves caring for ourselves, our loved ones, and our environment. The nourished life is a deeply personal journey that begins with self care.

  • Do you choose what food enters your body?  (1 Corinthians 10:31)
  • Do you choose to use natural medicine?  (Ezekiel 47:12)
  • Do you choose to stretch and take walks? (1 Corinthians 9:27)
  • Do you choose to drink pure water? (Psalm 23:2)
  • Do you choose to meet with Jesus daily so He can guide and restore your soul? (3 John 1:2)

I want to invite you into the answer to each one of these questions and more. It’s a journey that will bring life to every part of you: spirit, soul, body. It’s a journey that never ends!

Learn more about the services I provide to help you start your journey and to encourage you along the way.

Take The Challenge to Transform Your Own Health! 

Are you trying to recover from chronic illness or simply hoping to increase your energy? Dr. Melanie’s book, The Grecian Garden, gives specific action steps to put you on a path to optimal health.

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