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  • The media will often sow confusion and fear.
  • Unaddressed emotions from these images, events, soundbites: impact our well-being.
  • By processing our emotions, focusing on love, we open ourselves to boundless possibilities.


Harness the Power of Collective Focus for Noticeable Emotional Strength

The media captures our attention with the most drama based stories available aimed at causing confusion, instilling fear, triggering trauma, and fostering feelings of powerlessness. These emotions, if left unaddressed and unprocessed, can linger in our system and manifest as symptoms. Particularly, fear can impact our intuition, digestion, immune system, and hinder progress.

Scientific findings highlight the influence of thoughts and emotions on outcomes (1). When millions are consumed by fear it has the potential to shape the future negatively. Conversely, a collective focus on love, peace, and building a brighter future holds boundless possibilities. By tapping into our natural emotional energy, both in men and women, we can navigate fear or worry by being present with our emotions. This looks like observing, noticing, witnessing, and remaining open to alternative possibilities beyond our immediate emotions. Observing our bodies sensations, giving them time to settle and digest, we then alchemize them. Fear can become power, worry can become action, and powerlessness can become strength.

The instigators in the media would rather us be triggered, become hypervigilant, over-intellectualize, numb ourselves, and stay constantly busy.

Amid potential distractions, such as internet outages and projected financial fears, lies the reassuring truth that we possess the inherent capacity to remain safe and protected throughout the year. Utilizing grounding and processing trauma, we can move forward with peace.



Grounding: Nurturing Inner Peace and Flow Amid Distractions

In our modern society we mostly learned how to dissociate from our emotions as feeling or expressing them may not have been safe. As children, if we experienced something overwhelming such as fear or sadness and it wasn’t met with safety, our nervous system primed us to dissociate as a protective mechanism. When we become disconnected from these emotions we also disconnect from our felt sense which is what allows us to understand what is happening in our body, our responses, and triggers. To come home to your body and learn how to feel your emotions as a safe experience is life changing. 

Processing emotions, starts and ends with grounding, a practice distinct from earthing (2). If we are going to process emotions, think of a sandwich with layers. The top bun is grounding, the filling involves processing the emotion, and the bottom bun is more grounding. Using an analogy with grounding as the bun shows it’s a soft and comfortable container for a variety of emotions.  We cannot process emotions if we aren’t comfortable. Grounding invites us to turn inward, where we can observe our sensations and identify moments of freedom, flow, and peace.

As a token of appreciation for being part of my email list and recognizing the vital role of grounding, I’m happy to share 20 grounding technique videos with you. These techniques can be employed at any time, offering valuable support, particularly in a year where distractions are expected to peak.

Grounding has been shown to enhance mood, memory, and emotional regulation. If we are not grounded, we are not able to feel our feelings or access states of higher consciousness. Being ungrounded is a state where we lack awareness, when we lack awareness we aren’t seeing the whole picture and we often get stuck on a cycle of dissociation. It takes a lot of resistance to not feel our feelings and what we resist persists. One of the collective reasons we are on planet earth, is a school where we learn about emotions and how to utilize their energy. If we are grounded, we can access our feelings, which increases our conscious awareness and intuition.

Emotional processing is all about recognizing and digesting our emotions in a healthy way.

We could do 1-2 grounding techniques.

Notice and observe the fear and where the sensation is in our body.

Do 1 more grounding technique.

Let it settle and integrate.

We have successfully alchemized the emotion without it taking over us or making decisions for us. After we process any emotion, we should feel good, hopeful, and positive.

I’m here to support you if this process seems out of reach. With our modern society it’s very easy to get stuck in an emotion and repeatedly analyze, suppress, or avoid.

Our greatest weapon in todays landscape is the ability to process our emotions.

Empowering Transformation: The Profound Impact of Trauma Healing on Individuals and the World

I applaud each of you for your bravery in facing and processing trauma. Your journey toward healing and reconnecting with your true self not only transforms your life but contributes to healing our planet. Trauma healing is more than a passing trend; it demands attention, serving as a shield against manipulation. Through this process, our egos integrate, shifting from a constant search for safety, to cultivating it within ourselves. It reveals that we were whole all along, merely carrying surplus survival energy. With trauma healing, we develop an empathetic witness to our internal experiences without judgment. Parents, many clients have shared with me that addressing their trauma positively impacted their children’s behavior, illustrating the ripple effect of emotional processing.

In conclusion, by alchemizing our emotions, shifting our focus towards love and actively contributing to the creation of a brighter future, we empower ourselves to explore a positive time to come.


  • Scientific findings highlight the influence of thoughts and emotions on outcomes
  • Our greatest weapon in todays landscape is the ability to process our emotions.
  • Processing trauma has a positive ripple affect around us.


Please know, you are a gift to me.




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