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They used fear to control us

2020 revealed how easily we can be controlled by the media to fear death and illness. Symptoms can be scary when we don’t have a plan in place. In most instances, avoiding the ER is best and we should only seek out medical attention when necessary. When someone is ill the best course of action is to allow them to rest, keep blood sugar stable, keep them hydrated, and take appropriate supplements to prevent further decline.

Natural Medicine has Answers

Creating protocols and standardizing medicine can get tricky especially when we all have different constitutions. The protocol I have created below will address multiple infections and support the immune system during illness. When  taking supplements, please consider:

  1. Rarely does every single person with the same symptoms need the exact remedy. However, there are similarities in what will work each season.


This protocol is for while symptoms are occurring. Utilize at the start of symptoms and continue for two weeks, even after symptoms have resolved. All supplements can be purchased, here.

Terry Naturally Bacteril, 1 softgel 3x per day. (not on fullscript)

Quercetin 500 mg, 1 cap, 3x per day

Allergy Research Group Wormwood Capsules (Artemisia) 500 mg (1 cap, 3x per day).

Oscillococcinum (1 vial, 3x per day).

MegaSpore (1 cap before bed) or Ultimate Probiotic (1 cap before bed) or Thrive Probiotic. 

Trace Minerals Keto Electrolyte powder (1 scoop, 2x per day)

How to take supplements:

Supplements are best supported when we are resting, eating easy-to-digest foods, and getting some time outdoors. Aim for at least 10 minutes of time outdoors. And most importantly try to walk, or stretch for a few minutes each hour to prevent soreness.

Be responsible when taking supplements. If you are sensitive only start with one new supplement. If needed start with 1/2 or 1/4 of the doses I’m recommending here. If you already tolerate supplements well you will have no problem with this protocol. The purpose of this protocol is to keep you from having to go to the emergency room or hospital where they are not properly caring for patients.

Supporting digestion is key. In traditional Chinese medicine, the lungs and large intestine are connected. To speed up healing, while you are having symptoms you can do 1 saltwater enema per day.  1/2 tsp mineral salt to 8 cups filtered water. Enemas will prevent long-hauler issues.

Hot/Cold Therapy:

This is a very old healing technique that supports circulation. Start in the shower with 3 seconds on hot and then alternate to 3 seconds on cold. Each day gradually increases the amount of cold exposure. Great for sinus pressure and headaches.

For Prevention or if exposed to others who are sick:

Once a week, Take one soft gel of bacteril, 1 drop grapefruit seed extract in water, and 1 Probiotic.

You will notice I have not included the typical vitamin d, vitamin c, zinc protocol as I find most are already on those.

View and purchase supplements here: https://us.fullscript.com/protocols/nourishedineden-immune-support-protocol

If my protocol was beneficial for you, please let me know.