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Relationships and Health


If you’ve been around for a while – you know I love to throw in some spice into my community!

And lately I’ve been getting SO many questions from YOU on being in truly healthy relationships that nurture you and help you to bring out the best qualities in each other.


• Notice your progress over the last year.
• Discern which symptoms are caused by emotions.
• Relationships can affect your health.

1. Take a look back at your progress over the last year, notice the change of seasons. The client testimonial below came after they put their health first and refrained from over-giving.

“Within the last few months of working with Dr. Melanie I noticed how interconnected my physical and mental health is. If I stay on top of nutrition, supplements, and exercise, my mental health quickly starts to improve. After that, I have the ability to process my emotions and circumstances.” W.A.

2. Discern those physical symptoms that are caused by emotional stress. Fear, guilt, hurt feelings, lowering your self-value, lack of identity, and loneliness can all cause pain or other uncomfortable symptoms.

3. Relationships can affect your health, choose wisely.

Regarding relationships, I’m referring to romantic, business, family, and friend.

Without further ado:

Here are a few red flags to watch out for:

1. Silent treatment – for days… weeks… over a simple disagreement. It’s true that both of you may need some quiet time after a disagreement but when it becomes a “daily or weekly” habit – this is a BIG red flag that every time issues arise – you will be silently treated for a LONG time.

2. Constant nagging or challenging – your other relationships with friends/family, your own boundaries etc. An emotionally mature person will understand that at times – you will need some SPACE to process emotions and no it doesn’t make you a “bad” person. Respect is a sign of a healthy relationship.

3. Zero apology for actions that hurt YOU – and phrases like “you’re always SO sensitive”, “it’s all YOUR fault”, “you’re a drama queen” – just because you expressed your own feelings. Shutting down someone’s emotions is a huge red flag – as healthy relationships start with clear and direct communication.

4. You’re always the one taking the first step to restore peace – and the other side does nothing every. single. time. Restoring peace between the two of you is not a one sided story. It’s a responsibility from both parties that are linked to one another. If someone is not willing to accept that – it may be time to think about whether this person deserves to be in your life.

As we can see – healthy relationships require lots of effort from BOTH sides. It’s not a one-sided story. If both sides are willing to openly communicate, try to understand how the other person is feeling, and be mature enough to show support for the other person’s happiness.

In German New Medicine, mother/child and partner/colleague conflicts and resolutions can cause symptoms. Be on guard to your physical symptoms in certain settings, this is a clue to what your body is saying. Almost all symptoms are signs of healing.

Go into this new season with all you’ve learned:

• Boundaries are always better.
• Putting yourself last and caring for those without mutual concern will lead to health problems.
Triangulation will affect your health negatively.
• Leave something without destroying it.
• Let others learn their own lessons.
• Let others find their own way to truth.
• Avoid unnecessary entanglements.
• Hypervigilance will not keep you safe, learn to trust your body.
• Avoid power imbalances.
• Chronic victim mentality will keep you sick.

The above truths are a safeguard for navigating your health and future relationships. Be gentle on yourself and enjoy the fruitful season ahead.

Stay tuned, I’m creating a series of quick protocols to solve everyday health problems which you can use in your home or with clients

Rest & Relaxation

Yours in Wellness,

Melanie Joy